What are some animals that start with the letter U?

Animals that start with u - the upapa bird

Can you name any animals that start with U? Although it’s a tough question to answer, there are actually more animals than you might think whose names do indeed begin with the letter U. Here they are:

Animals that start with U


A type of monkey found in the Amazon basin.

Uganda kob

An antelope from sub-Saharan Africa.


The Japanese name for the Japanese bush warbler bird.

Uinta ground squirrel

A squirrel found in the western U.S.

Ultimate shrew

A member of the shrew family from Kenya.

Ulysses butterfly

A large butterfly native to Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.


A bird found in Central and South American rainforests.

Umboi tube-nosed fruit bat

A fruit bat found in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Unadorned rock-wallaby

An Australian rock-wallaby.

Unalaska collared lemming

A rodent native to islands in the Aleutian Archipelago of Alaska.

Underwood’s bonneted bat

A bat found in the southern U.S. and Central America.

Underwood’s long-tongued bat

A bat species of Central America.

Underwood’s pocket gopher

A rodent native to Costa Rica.

Underwood’s water mouse

A Costa Rican rodent.

Unexpected cotton rat

A rodent found in Ecuador.

Ungava collared lemming

A lemming native to North America.

Unicolored oldfield mouse

A Colombian rodent.

Unicolored rice rat

A rodent native to the Amazonian rainforests.

Unicolored tree rat

A spiny South American rat.

Unstriped ground squirrel

A squirrel native to Africa.

Unstriped tube-nosed bat

A megabat native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and West Papua.


The Latin name for the hoopoe bird of Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Ural field mouse

A rodent found mainly in Europe.

Urartsk mouse-like hamster

A hamster native to Azerbaijan.


A wild sheep native to central Asia.


An African and Asian lizard.

Usambara shrew

A mammal native to Tanzania.

Ussuri shrew

A shrew from north-east Asia.

Ussuri tube-nosed bat

An Asian vesper bat.

Utah prairie dog

The smallest species of prairie dog found, as the name suggests, in Utah.

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