How much does a bench press bar weigh?

Lifting weights is a popular form of exercise, and one of the most common forms of weightlifting is the bench press. But do you know just how much you’re lifting?

Obviously it’s easy to know how much weight you’ve put on the bar because the weights have their size written on the side of them. But what many people forget to take into account, though, is the weight of the bar itself. So just how much does a bench press bar weigh?

How much does a bench press bar weigh?

It must be said that there can be some variation in the weight of bench press bars. That said though, a standard Olympic bar is defined to be seven feet long and weigh twenty kilograms, or forty-five pounds. This is the type of bar you’ll find most often in gyms.

A standard Olympic bench press bar weighs 20 kg (45 pounds)

Some gyms will also have bench press bars with thinner grip sections to make things easier for those with smaller hands. The typical weight of these bars is thirty three pounds.

Of course, if you’re in doubt about the weight of your bar you can always weigh it yourself to find out its weight for sure.

Don’t forget the collars / locks

One other thing to bear in mind when working out the exact weight that you’re lifting is that any collars or locks you add to the bar to keep the weights in place will also add to the total weight slightly.