When was The Phantom of the Opera written?

“The Phantom of the Opera” was written as a novel by French author Gaston Leroux and first published in 1910. The novel tells the story of a disfigured musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opera House and falls in love with a young soprano named Christine. The novel has been adapted into various forms over the years, including films, television shows, and stage productions.

The musical adaptation of “The Phantom of the Opera” was created by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and premiered in London’s West End in 1986. The lyrics for the musical were written by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. The musical was an instant success and went on to become one of the most popular and successful musicals of all time.

Since its premiere in 1986, “The Phantom of the Opera” has been staged in numerous productions around the world, including on Broadway in New York City, where it has been running continuously since 1988. The musical has also been adapted into a film, which was released in 2004 and starred Gerard Butler as the Phantom and Emmy Rossum as Christine.

Overall, “The Phantom of the Opera” has been a popular and enduring work of fiction that has captured the imaginations of audiences for over a century. The story of the mysterious and tragic Phantom and his obsession with the young soprano Christine continues to resonate with audiences around the world, making it a beloved classic of literature and theater.

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