What is the highest voice range for a female singer?

In opera, there are several different voice types, but which is the highest?

Highest female voice range

The highest of the operatic female voice types is the soprano. Because this voice range tends to evoke feelings of innocence and youth, the soprano is nearly always the heroine in dramatic opera.

The soprano is the highest female voice range in opera.

Other voice types

  • The other common operatic voice types are:
  • Mezzo-soprano – this is the voice range below the soprano.
  • Contralto or alto – this is the lowest female voice type.
  • Tenor – the tenor is usually considered to be the highest male voice range in opera.
  • Baritone – this is the most common male voice type, lying between the tenor and the bass.
  • Bass – this is the lowest and darkest male voice range.

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